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Parents & Families

If you're parenting a child with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, you know that the journey can be frustrating, draining, and isolating. It doesn't help that lots of folks are blaming you for your child's behavior. But we're not going to blame you...we're going to help you instead, with lots of free information and resources. Learn More

Educators & Schools

If you're a classroom teacher, school psychologist, administrator, superintendent, or special education director, you know how hard it can be to help behaviorally challenging students. Budget cuts, high-stakes testing, a bunch of new initiatives, and the existing school discipline program aren't making things any easier. OK, let's get to work!Learn More


Ready to help caregivers move beyond time-outs, stickers, detentions, suspensions, expulsions, and corporal punishment? Ready to be one of the "voices" advocating for non-punitive, non-adversarial, collaborative, proactive, skill-building, relationship-enhancing interventions? Good, because we're going to need your help!Learn More


Dr. Ross Greene
Founding Director
Lives in the Balance