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✓ Here are the most recent segments of our radio programs:

PARENTS: The Good Thing About Blips
EDUCATORS: Help! This Student is Completely Out of Control!

Starting in December, Parenting Your Challenging Child is on the air live the first Monday of every month (September through May) at 11 am (Eastern time). To listen to the program while it's on the air live, CLICK HERE. To ask questions or make comments during the live program, call (347)994-2981Helping Behaviorally Challenging Students airs live on the first Monday of every month at 3:30pm (Eastern time), September through May. To ask questions or make comments during the live program, call (646)727-2691. The next segments for both programs will be on February 6, 2017.

We have two special evening presentations for parents coming up in January. Dr. Greene is speaking at the Battery Park City School in New York City the evening of January 19th (details and registration here)..and in Auburn, Maine, the evening of January 30th, co-sponsored by the G.E.A.R. Parent Support Network (details and registration here).

 Thanks to all who attended our Sixth Annual International Summit in Portland, Maine on November 4th. What a great day! Streaming video and slides from the different presentations can be accessed right here.

 Thanks to all who attended our British Columbia School Mental Health Conference in Vancouver, and our Second Annual Alberta School Mental Health Conference in Edmonton. All told, over 850 participants heard presentations by Leah Kuypers, Don Meichenbaum, Lisa Ferens, Lynn Miller, Lynn Kenney, Steven Feifer, Lynn Lyons, and Dr. Greene. Additional School Mental Health Conferences are scheduled for Toronto and Saskatoon in spring, 2017.

✓ And thanks to all who attended our First Annual European Summit on Non-Adversarial, Non-Punitive Interventions for At-Risk Kids in Goteborg, Sweden. Over 400 participants from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, England, Malta, France, and Switzerland heard presentations by Peter Vermeulen, Bo Hejlskov Elvén, Pelle Sandstrak, Christian A. Stewart-Ferrer, and Dr. Greene. You can access videos of some of the presentations here. (The first presentation is in Swedish, the rest are in English.)

We're pleased to announce the dates (October 30 through November 1) and speakers (Eric Donell, Mary Van Bourgondien, Bo Hejlskov Elvén, and Dr. Greene) for next year's European Summit in Goteborg. Details to follow...

 Your participation is invited in any or many of our four Facebook groups. There are now two for parents -- The B Team (for parents of behaviorally challenging kids) and Elevate Your Parenting (for all parents) -- one for educators, and one for clinicians. Here's what's been trending in The B Team lately:

  • How do you deal with school refusal?
  • Is "not following through on our agreed plan" a legitimate concern during a Plan B discussion? Or is it some form of hidden Plan A?
  • 17 days with no explosions!
  • My daughter and I found a solution for how to transition from video games, TV, iPad, books, etc!

✓ If you're coaching people in their use of the CPS model, or if you just want to see how you're doing yourself, there are now checklists for providing written feedback on the specific components of using the ALSUP and Plan B...

✓ Thanks to all who attended our book signing and fundraiser for Lives in the Balance in Greenwich, Connecticut on Wednesday, October 5th...and especially to our Advisory Committee members, Meredith Feurtado and Heather Mosley for planning and hosting the event. Photos here. Next stop: NYC!

✓ Lives in the Balance was the recipient of Crisis & Counseling Centers’ Organization of the Year Award for 2016...we are honored!

✓ There are two new videos in the Walking Tours for Parents and Educators. The first shows Dr. Greene using the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems with the parents of a 10-year old boy; the second shows Dr. Greene demonstrating Plan B with the boy and his parents.

 The body of research supporting the effectiveness of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model in diverse settings continues to grow. The five-year NIMH-funded study on CPS at the Virginia Tech Child Study Center is now complete, and numerous papers describing the findings have been submitted for publication (several are already in press)...details in the Research section. Additional research projects examining the effectiveness of the CPS model are ongoing in various settings, including outpatient studies in Sydney, Australia (in collaboration with University of Technology) and Gothenburg, Sweden (in collaboration with Gothenburg University); a school study in the Aalborg (Denmark) schools (in collaboration with University College Jutland); a community/school study in the Trillium Lakelands (Ontario, Canada) District School Board (in collaboration with Ryerson University in Toronto); and a study in the juvenile detention system in the state of Maine. Additional studies (for example, in the alternative placement programs in the New York City public schools) are set to begin.

 Dr. Greene's new book -- Raising Human Beings -- was released in August, 2016, and describes how to apply the CPS model in solving problems with all kids and their caregivers...and how to foster skills on the better side of human nature. Here are some of the early reviews and interviews:

✓ There are some new (and some not so new) articles and blogs on the CPS model:

Dr. Greene's article in Attachment Trauma Network's Therapeutic Parenting Journal (click here).

An article on the CPS model from ParentMap...

A story from the July/August (2015) edition of Mother Jones magazine (click here).

A story about the Near North District School Board in Ontario, Canada (click here).

Three blogs...one from the Carrots are Orange blog...another from The Distracted Mom...and yet another from Jennie Locati.

An article on Edutopia -- called Kids Do Well If They Can: A Strength-Based Approach -- by Alex Shevrin. Click here

An article Dr. Greene wrote for Simon & Schuster, called Five Ways to Improve School for Behaviorally Challenging Students...click here.

✓ There are also some new (and some not so new) videos and audio programming: 

Dr. Greene pinch-hit for U.S. Senator Al Franken as the keynote speaker at the 2014 Annual Conference of the National Association of School Psychologists in Washington, DC. It was over a year ago, but it's still worth watching (click here). Also, here are the Goals for School Psychologists he articulated at the end of the keynote.

Dr. Greene is now featured in 26 different videos on Kids in the House, and has been interviewed on several radio programs over the past few years, and the recordings provide a good introduction to the CPS model:

  • Kids in the House WATCH
  • NEW! Inner Revolutionary Radio LISTEN
  • ADDitude Magazine webinar LISTEN
  • The Dr. Lisa Radio Hour LISTEN 
  • The Changing Behavior Radio Network LISTEN
  • The Creating a Family program LISTEN

You can also watch the segment on the CPS model on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network...WATCH

Lives in the Balance sponsors workshops on Dr. Greene's approach for parents and educators...they can be found on the Workshops/Training page. Additional workshops, webinars, advanced trainings, and certification trainings can be found on a different website (click here).