We take the term "non-profit" very seriously.  If your school, inpatient unit, residential facility, treatment program, or juvenile detention facility needs help implementing Dr. Greene's CPS model, Lives in the Balance offers a wide variety of training options tailored to your needs, and we're not going to charge you an arm and a leg to give you what you need. We're not passionate about making a buck, so we're not going to try to talk you into buying a "package" that you don't really need. Our passion is to provide high-quality coaching and supervision to ensure that staff and kids get the help they need. So if you only need one supervision session -- perhaps to help you get things organized -- that's all you'll get. If you need help using the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems and using Plan B, that's what you'll get. If you've been using the model for a while but feel like your staff needs a tune-up, a tune-up is what you'll get. If you need help with a particular child, we're happy to assist there as well. And if you need a one-day workshop to introduce the model to your entire staff, we do that too. You can read about our various training options here. But we're not doing anything until we get a handle on what you need! So if you'd like to talk to a person, contact us...we'll figure it out together.

We have two special evening presetations for parents coming up in December and January.  Dr. Greene is speaking at the Hincks-Delchrest Center in Toronto, Ontario the evening of December 416-924-1164 to register.  Dr. Greene is also speaking at the Battery Park City School in New York City the evening of January 19th...details and registration here. And Dr. Greene is speaking in Auburn, Maine, the evening of January 30th, an event co-sponsored by the G.E.A.R. Parent Support Network..details and registration here...

Lives in the Balance will be teaming up with Transdisciplinary Workshops again to co-sponsor Dr. Greene's advanced training in Portland, Maine, July 12-14, 2017.  Register here.

Designed for individual clinicians, educators, and other providers working directly with challenging youth and their caregivers, this course is an alternative to the lengthier, more intensive 24-week certification training in Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Over the course of five 60-minute group teleconference sessions, participants receive coaching and feedback from certified providers in CPS to increase their skills in the application of the CPS model. The first session is focused on honing skills in using the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP).  The remaining four sessions are focused on Plan B, and involve having participants audiotape their use of Plan B with actual kids and their caregivers so as to receive explicit coaching and feedback. Registration is limited to six participants per training. For more information, and to register, contact us at

Thanks to the more than 300 participants who attended our Sixth Annual Summit on Collaborative & Proactive Solutions on November 4 in Portland, Maine. The day featured a morning keynote from Dr. Ross Greene, updates on research and projects on CPS going on throughout the world, and introductory and advanced breakout groups for parents, educators, and staff in therapeutic facilities. Streaming video of the day will be posted here in a few weeks. See you next year!

And thanks to the more than 400 participants who attended our First Annual European Summit on Non-Punitive, Non-Adversarial Interventions for At-Risk Kids in Goteborg Sweden early in November. Speakers included Peter Vermeulen, Pelle Sandstrak, Christian A.Stewart-Ferrer, Bo Hejlskov Elvén, and Dr. Greene. See you next year!

We're co-sponsoring two 3-day School Mental Health Conferences in spring, 2017, in Toronto and Saskatoon.