The Paddle

Now this isn't really very funny at all. It's the year 2011 and hitting kids with a piece of wood is a form of discipline that is still legal and practiced in 20 states.  Corporal punishment is archaic and counterproductive. It doesn't help adults understand the true factors contributing to a kid's challenging behavior (lagging skills and unsolved problems).  It doesn't solve any problems.  It's not conducive to the development of a helping relationship.  It's just an extreme way of communicating to kids that we don't approve of something they've done...even though they already know we don't approve of what they've done.  It's time to take that tool out of the toolbox.  Besides Lives in the Balance, there are lots of organizations committed to ending corporal punishment, including the Center for Effective Discipline (which sponsors an annual Spank Out Day...this year's is on April 30th) and the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children.


Well, our school may lead them up sh*t's creek, but you can't say we don't provide them with a paddle!