Photo Gallery

There's a lot going on at Lives in the Balance, and sometimes we actually remember to capture it all in pictures.  And a lot of folks send us pictures related to their work with us and the CPS model. So it finally occured to us to have a photo gallery. Enjoy!

"Thank you for inspiring me!" - Tara Korth, School District of New London, New London WI, November 2018.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has embraced the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model!  Pictured here from left: Andrea Bertone, Jess Nichols, Daniel Parker, Dr. Greene, Iris Jacobson, Jenny Bibler, and Marolyn Johnson. 

Dr. Greene & his friends from Concord Elementary School in Glen Mills, PA - Meghan Kotch, Michele Ventura, Erin Witmer-Yuska, & Emily Edelson - May, 2018.

Our colleagues from Haninge, Sweden visiting Maine in March 2017 to see what it looks like to implement Collaborative & Proactive Solutions in schools and juvenile detention facilities.

Easthampton, MA schools were well-represented at our New England School Mental Health Conference - Nov, 2017.

A captivated audience during Dr. Greene's Summit 2017 keynote.

Here's our Parents' Panel from our 2017 Summit in Portland, Maine.

Dr. Greene speaking in beautiful Ekero, Sweden, Sept 2017.

Dr. Greene with staff from Mt. Comfort Elementary in Indiana on Friday, November 18th.

Packed house at our 6th Annual Summit - November, 2016.

Peter Vermeulen from Autism Central in Belgium speaking at the First Annual European Summit on Non-Punitive, Non-Adversarial Interventions for At-Risk Kids in Goteborg, Sweden

Christian A. Stewart-Ferrer from the University of Southern Denmark speaking at the First Annual European Summit on Non-Punitive, Non-Adversarial Interventions for At Risk Kids in Goteborg, Sweden.

Dr. Greene with (from left to right) Tasja Berg, Zandra Christiansen, and Fouzi Benbouzid, who are leading the implementation of CPS in Ekerö kommun in Sweden.

All of the staff from Ekerö kommun who attended Dr. Greene's advanced training in Oslo, Norway in October, 2016.

The hosts of our Greenwich, CT book signing and fundraiser in Oct 2016, Meredith Feurtado and Heather Mosley.

Attendees of our Greenwich, CT book signing, Ayla Farnos and Marisa Brown.

This photo was taken at the School Mental Health Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, co-sponsored by Lives in the Balance, Oct 2016.  Over 600 participants were in attendance, including the folks in this photo: Annie Savard, Karen Gifford, R.G, Patrick Gamache Hutchison, and Sarah Reves.

Dr. Greene in Stockholm, Sweden - Aug 2016 - with (from left to right) certified providers Tove Windahl Örnstad (from Haninge), Tuija Lehtinen (from Haninge), Mette Christensen Jensen (from Nørresundby, Denmark), Zandra Christiansen (from Ekerö), Jonas Olsson (from Udevalla), and Tasja Bergh (from Ekerö).

Dr. Ben Kearney of OhioGuidestone, Sept 2016.

The Ohio Guidestone Team is excited to be implementing Collaborative & Proactive Solutions!

Great group from our Advanced Training in Portland, ME July, 2016.

Group of clinicians having lunch together at our Advanced Training in Portland, ME July, 2016.

Photos from the June, 2016 symposium on Collaborative & Proactive Solutions at the World Congress on Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in Melbourne, Australia...there are a lot of great people conducting research on the model with exciting results!

Dr. Greene speaking at the NAMI National Convention in Denver on July 9, 2016.

It was great working with the Manhattan Field Support Center of the NYC Department of Ed!

This is Liz Rudman, our Director of Conference Planning, receiving the 2016 Organization of the Year Award from Crisis & Counseling Centers. We are very honored!

Dr. Greene in the offices of LITB with colleagues from Ekerö Kommun in Sweden. From L to R are Faouzi Benbouzid, Zandra Christiansen, and Tasja Bergh.

LITB co-sponsored a special workshop for parents with the Dufferin Parent Support Network in Orangeville, Ontario in May, 2016.

Great turnout in British Columbia for our workshop with, May 2016.

Full house in Portland, Oregon March, 2016.

Fifth Annual Parent Empowerment Conference held in Hyattsville, Maryland - March, 2016.

LITB Board member, Dr. Laura Fuller along with keynote speakers, Dr. Joan Durrant and Alfie Kohn duing our Annual Summit, 2015. 

Garbarino Keynote 2014
Here's Dr. Jim Garbarino delivering his keynote address -- Making Peace with Kids -- at the 2014 Annual Summit. (If you'd like to watch a condensed version of the keynote, click here.)

Greene Keynote 2014
Here's Dr. Greene speaking during one of his breakout sessions at the 2014 Annual Summit.

Andrews Breakout 2014
Steve Andrews discussing Motivational Interviewing at his breakout group at the 2014 Annual Summit.

Emmons Breakout 2013
Steve Emmons presenting on Parent Effectiveness Training at the 2014 Annual Summit.

Garbarino Breakout
Dr. Garbarino during his break-out group at the 2014 Annual Summit.

Greene Breakout 2014
Dr. Greene delivers his keynote address -- What Are the Kids Telling Us? -- at the 2014 Annual Summit...if you want to watch it, click here.

Mannasah Breakout 2014
Tala Manassah explaining a point at her breakout group on the 4Rs at the 2014 Annual Summit.

Speidel Breakout
Amy Speidel facilitating a demonstration of Conscious Discipline during one of her breakout groups at the 2014 Annual Summit.

Anne and Dan 2014
Dr. Greene and Ann and Dan O'Leary -- both school psychologists from Rochester, New York -- during post-Summit festivities.
Carmel Staff 2014
This has nothing to do with the Summit...these are educators from the Carmel, Indiana schools proudly wearing their "What's up?" t-shirts.