Public Awareness Campaign

Across the country, we see a range of punitive, adversarial, counterproductive interventions being imposed on our most vulnerable youth. From corporal punishment and handcuffing students, to sending students to juvenile detention for minor infractions, it's the behaviorally challenging kids who are often on the receiving end of the worst our society has to offer. Here are the data for schools from 2011-2012 (the most recent time span for which these data are available):

  • 3.5 million students received an in-school suspension
  • 3.45 million students were suspended out-of-school
  • 130,000 students were expelled
  • 250,000 students were referred to law enforcement
  • 64,000 students were arrested at school
  • 166,000 students were on the receiving end of corporal punishment
  • 270,000 students were placed in restraints and locked- or blocked-door seclusion

Our Out of the Shadows Campaign is aimed at heightening awareness of these counterproductive practices and helping caregivers become aware of alternative interventions that are non-punitive, non-adversarial, and effective. A major feature of the Campaign is a documentary currently in production, tentatively called The Kids We Lose, due for release in April, 2018.