Parenting Your Challenging Child: Parents Panel

December Parents Panel: Just Getting Started (program aired live on December 9, 2013)
Today was a Parents Panel program, and our moms shared some wisdom for other parents just getting started with implemented the CPS* model in the families, including the mistakes they learned from along the way (such as disovering that some traditional pillars of parenting may actually be counterproductive in working with behaviorally challenging kids). LISTEN NOW

Building Trust (program aired live on November 4, 2013)
The Parents Panel fielded calls from listeners on today's program, including a mom who reported on her success in having Plan B conversations with her son, which have increased the level of trust in their relationship and taught her about her own lagging skills. LISTEN NOW

Communication is Key (program aired live on October 6, 2013)
On this episode, we introduced our newest Parents Panel member, Anna, and then heard from some callers. One caller sought advice on how to help her behaviorally challenging child handle divorce. LISTEN NOW

September Parents Panel: "Trying Harder" Isn't A Great Solution (program aired live on September 9, 2013)
After a summer hiatus, we jump-started the program with the Parents Panel, and had a nice opportunity to get reminders on a few of the key tenets of solving problems collaboratively: Plan B is far more effective when it's done proactively, and also more effective when it's focused on a specific unsolved problem rather than a challenging behavior (such as hitting) that applies to many different unsolved problems. LISTEN NOW

May Parents Panel: Gearing Up for Summer
 (program aired live on May 6, 2013)
As always, we covered a lot of territory on this last Parents Panel until September...including giving some thought to what summers can be like for parents of behaviorally challenging kids. LISTEN NOW

April Parents Panel: This is Going to Take a While (program aired live on April 1, 2013)
Lot's of discussion on our April Parents Panel, including the fact that there's a lot of work still to be done to change societal lenses and practices with behaviorally challenging kids...and the fact that we're talking about that is a good thing! LISTEN NOW 

February Parents Panel: The Luxury of Hindsight (program aired live on February 4, 2013)
On today's Parents Panel, one of our Panel members told us about her recent visit with her behaviorally challenging son, who is now a young adult. He's doing really well...perhaps evidence that Plan B (and a lot of patience) can do a kid and his parents a lot of good, and certainly evidence of the fact that development has its own time-line that often can't be rushed. LISTEN NOW

December Parents Panel: Holiday Edition (program aired live on December 3, 2012)
Parenting a challenging child is hard, but it can be even harder during the holidays. The Parents Panel -- along with a caller -- has some guidance to help you get through it all. LISTEN NOW

November Parents Panel:  The Dreaded Phone Calls From School (program aired live on November 5, 2012)
Lots of different topics covered on the Parents Panel today, including things parents can do to help schools transform school discipline...but a big part of the discussion focused on what it feels like to be on the receiving end of constant reminders from school that things are going poorly with your child. LISTEN NOW

September Parents Panel:  The Brother is the "Bully" (program aired live on September 10, 2012)
In this first program of the season, the Parents Panel tackled the very tough issue of bullying.  But not bullying at school...bullying at home.  LISTEN NOW 

May Parents Panel: Teaching Social Skills (program aired live on May 1, 2012)
Well, this was our last Parents Panel until September, but it was a good one!  LISTEN NOW

April Parents Panel: My Child and I Are Equals? (program aired live on April 3, 2012)
Well, not exactly...but your respective concerns have equal standing and both sets of concerns need to be addressed for a problem to be solved. LISTEN NOW  

March Parents Panel: What If There's No Solution? (program aired live on March 6, 2012)
The Parents Panel covered a wide range of topics on today's program...including the difference between "lowering" and "adjusting" expectations for a behaviorally challenging child. LISTEN NOW

February Parents Panel: What's Hard About Using Plan B? (program aired live on February 7, 2012)
Plan B is fundamentally easy but really hard...and, on this program, our Parents Panel members talked about their own experiences with the hard parts. LISTEN NOW

January Parents Panel (program aired live on January 10, 2012)
Even Parents Panel members sometimes get stuck using Plan A...and need help getting back to Plan B. LISTEN NOW

December Parents Panel (program aired live on December 6, 2011)
What do you do when your child's difficulties get you down? You try to get back up again...and back to Plan B ASAP. LISTEN NOW

November Parents Panel (program aired live on November 1, 2011)
On today's program, the Parents Panel tackles video games...a very tough unsolved problem.  LISTEN NOW 

October Parents Panel: What Do Bullies (and the Bullied) Really Need? (program aired live on October 4, 2011)
Are bullies lacking skills? How about the bullied? If so, then what do they really need from us? The Parents Panel weighs in! LISTEN NOW

May Parents Panel: Kids Do Well If They Can Revisited (program aired live on May 3, 2011)
On today's program, the Parents Panel heard from a mom who's son's academic difficulties had become problematic again recently...did he lose his motivation or did the academic tasks begin exceeding his capacity to respond adaptively?  That's what the Empathy step is for. LISTEN NOW

April Parents Panel: Corporal Punishment (program aired live on April 5, 2011)
It's our April Parents Panel program, and Suzy, a member of the Panel, raised the topic of paddling kids at school (which has been in the news lately). Naturally, the discussion took off from there.  LISTEN NOW

March Parents Panel:  What About the Grandparents? (program aired live on March 1, 2011)
Sometimes grandparents (and others) have strong opinions about the manner in which challenging kids should be disciplined, and aren't so familiar with Plan B.  What to do?  The Parents Panel weighs in (on this and other topics). LISTEN NOW

February Parents Panel:  Why Would a Kid Participate in Treatment? (program aired live on February 1, 2011)
"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays the Parents Panel from completing its appointed rounds."
Dr. Greene was stuck in traffic in a snowstorm when the program began, so he conducted this program from his car in a parking lot...which isn't actually the most interesting part of the February Parents Panel, but does explain the slight technical problems and empty air time a few minutes into the program.  We heard from a father who was having difficulty getting his daughter to participate in therapy sessions, and that was the most interesting part of the program. LISTEN NOW

January Parents Panel:  You In? (program aired lived on January 4, 2011)
How do I get my husband (or co-parent) on board with Collaborative & Proactive Solutions*?  The Parents Panel has some ideas! LISTEN NOW

December Parents Panel: The Kid's Got No Respect! (program aired live on December 7, 2010)
How do you handle a disrespectful child?  The Parents Panel weighs in...and it turns out that the CPS* model would view and handle disrespect like any other unsolved problem. LISTEN NOW

November Parents Panel:  Lenses, Siblings, and More (program aired live on November 9, 2010)
Today the Parents Panel grappled with some pretty important topics.  First, we heard from a mom who was struggling with viewing her son's behavior through the lenses of lagging skills and unsolved problems...then we discussed how Plan B can be applied to unsolved problems between siblings. LISTEN NOW 

October Parents Panel:  In the Beginning... (program aired live on October 5, 2010)
This was our first Parents Panel program, and it was a nice departure from the norm. The Parents Panel -- three moms and a dad -- gathers on the first Tuesday of every month to discuss their experiences in parenting and living with kids with behavioral challenges.LISTEN NOW

*Dr. Greene is the originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach -- and referred to his model by that name in his articles, chapters, research papers, and books prior to 2013 -- but now calls his model Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Read more here.