Parenting Your Challenging Child: Radio Program & Listening Library

New to Dr. Greene's model? Just getting started with Plan B? Trying to find time for your other kids when your challenging one demands so much of your energy and attention? Having trouble getting others on board? If you're the parent or relative of a child with behavioral challenges -- or even a child who's not so challenging -- the Parenting Your Challenging Child Radio Program -- sponsored by Lives in the Balance and co-hosted by Dr. Greene, Director of Outreach Kim Hopkins-Betts, and B Team leaders Stella and Jennifer -- provides lots of information to answer these and tons other questions. The program is now on the air live the first Tuesday of every month (September through May) at 11 am (Eastern time). To listen to the program while it's on the air live, CLICK HERE.  To ask questions or make comments during the live program, call (347)994-2981 (then press 1). You can also submit questions or comments to be answered during the live broadcast using the Contact form on this website.

And you can always listen to archives of past programs through iTunes or in the Listening Library below.


Here you'll find recordings of virtually all of the Parenting Your Challenging Child programs. They're  filled with great information about various aspects of implementing the CPS model at home. You have hundreds of programs to choose from, and some people find that to be a little don't try to listen to all of them at once! They're organized by topic area, so just click on a caption and start listening!

Recent Programs
All the programs from the past few months are listed in this section.  

The Essentials
If you're just getting started in learning about and implementing the model, these are probably the programs you'll want to listen to first.  

Philosophical Issues
Many parent struggle, at least initially, with the key philosophical beliefs of the model, and several programs are devoted, at least partially, to this topic.  

Using the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems
"It all starts with the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems."  There's a good reason this is one of Dr. Greene's favorite maxims.  Listen to these programs and you'll find out why...and how to use the instrument that helps you get the right lenses on and know what you're working on.

The Ins and Outs of Plan B 
Plan B -- where you're solving problems collaboratively instead of unilaterally -- is at the core of the model. But Plan B is hard (at least until you get good at it), and there are lots of ways in which it can go awry.  So there are lots of programs devoted to helping parents navigate and master Plan B.

Will the Model Work With My Kid?
Parents often wonder if the model will be effective with their child, perhaps because of age, or diagnosis, or specific lagging skills, and there are lots of programs covering this topic.  

Collaborating With Your Child's School
Naturally, if your child is exhibiting challenging behaviors at school, you'll want to work collaboratively with school staff to help make things better...and that's not always so easy.  Several programs are devoted to this topic.

Parents Panel
On the first Monday of every month, the Parents Panel gathers to discuss a variety of topics related to parenting behaviorally challenging kids (their own and everyone else's).  

Random Topics of Significant Interest
Lots of radio programs are devoted to responding to callers or answering emails on a wide array of topics, and don't necessarily fit into one of the categories above.  But they're still quite informative!