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In collaboration with Lone Wolf Media, Lives in the Balance is producing a 90-minute documentary to capture the human side of being and having a kid with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, and the struggles faced by caregivers -- parents, educators, mental health clinicians, staff in therapeutic facilities, law enforcement professionals, and social service staff -- to ensure that these kids receive compassionate, enlightened, effective help. Called The Kids We Lose, the documentary is scheduled for release in April, 2018. Learn more here.


✓ It's been a long time in the making, but it's finally here: a sample IEP colored by the Assessment of Lagging Skils and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP)! We've been saying that a completed ALSUP pretty much writes the IEP for you. Let us know if you agree and if the sample IEP is a good fit for your school system.


✓ The radio programs are back! To listen to the most recent segments, click here.


✓ Over 250 participants attended our Seventh Annual International Summit on October 2 in Portland, Maine. It was an amazing day. Streaming video of the Summit will be posted in the Annual Summit section of the website soon. And we're already planning our 2018 Summit...it'll be in Portland on November 2, and will feature kenynote speaker Julie Causton, Professor in the Inclusive and Special Education Program in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University.

✓ Registration is open for our New England School Mental Health Summit in Norwood, Massachusetts, November 6 and 7This conference features Christian Stewart-Ferrer, a internationally renowned authority on autism spectrum disorders speaking for the first time in North America, along with leading experts Lisa Ferentz (trauma), Steven Fiefer (learning and emotional disabilitiies), Adele Lafrance (Emotion-Focused School Support), and Dr. Greene (Collaborative & Proactive Solutions). It's two full days you won't want to miss, filled with invaluable information and practical, cutting-edge intervention strategies. You can register for both days or just one. But don't miss it!

Registration is also open for our Second Annual European Summit on Non-Punitive, Non-Adversarial Interventions in Goteborg, Sweden, on October 30 through November 1. Speakers include Eric Donell, Mary Van Bourgondien, Bo Hejlskov Elvén, and Dr. Greene. Details here. You can still access videos of some of the presentations from our First European Summit here (the first presentation is in Swedish, the rest are in English.)

Our School Disicpline That Works Conference - co-sponsored by Lives in the Balance and the US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children -- is scheduled for February 8-9 in Atlanta, Georgia, and features presenters Tina Payne Bryson, PhD., Dr. Greene, Carol Ann Tomlinson, EdD, Greg Santucci, MS OTR, David Corwin, MD, Vicki Corwin, Dr. Bettina Love, Robbyn Peters Bennett, LPC, CMHS, and George Davis, MD. Register here.

✓ Lives in the Balance sponsors workshops on Dr. Greene's approach for parents and educators...they can be found on the Workshops/Training page. Additional workshops, webinars, advanced trainings, and certification trainings can be found on a different website (click here).


 Your participation is invited in any or many of our four Facebook groups. There are now two for parents -- The B Team (for parents of behaviorally challenging kids) and Elevate Your Parenting (for all parents) -- one for educators, and one for clinicians. Click here to find out what's been trending in The B Team lately.


✓ Compassionate Communities is your way to show that your classroom or school are subscribing to certain values in your interactions with kids. When you enter your name and address, you'll receive a door decal and poster to signify your commitment to the values of Compassionate Communities and intention to adhere to those values. Learn more and sign up here.


✓ Listen to Dr. Greene's recent interview on RadioNZ (New Zealand)...

✓ You have questions...we have answers! Check out our new Two Minute Videos... 

✓ There's a new, free book study/reading group guide for Dr. Greene's book, Lost at School...click here.

✓ Read about (and listen to) how things went implementing Collaborative & Proactive Solutions at a school in northern Michigan on Interlochen Public Radio.

✓ Check out the new article on Collaborative & Proactive Solutions by Dr. Brendan Keenan on Edutopia.

✓ If you're coaching people in their use of the CPS model, or if you just want to see how you're doing yourself, there are now checklists for providing written feedback on the specific components of using the ALSUP and Plan B...

There are two new videos in the Walking Tours for Parents and Educators. The first shows Dr. Greene using the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems with the parents of a 10-year old boy; the second shows Dr. Greene demonstrating Plan B with the boy and his parents.

✓ Dr. Greene pinch-hit for U.S. Senator Al Franken as the keynote speaker at the 2014 Annual Conference of the National Association of School Psychologists in Washington, DC. It was over three years ago, but it's still worth watching (click here). Also, here are the Goals for School Psychologists he articulated at the end of the keynote.

Dr. Greene is also featured in 26 different videos on Kids in the House, and has been interviewed on numerous radio programs over the past few years, and the recordings provide a good introduction to the CPS model:

  • Kids in the House WATCH
  • ADDitude Magazine webinar LISTEN
  • The Dr. Lisa Radio Hour LISTEN 
  • The Changing Behavior Radio Network LISTEN
  • The Creating a Family program LISTEN

And the feature on CPS on Maine Public Television is always worth watching.


✓ We're looking forward to our upcoming fundraiser in Boston, Massachusetts, in October, hosted by our Advisory Committee member Randi Cutler.


 The body of research supporting the effectiveness of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model in diverse settings continues to grow. The five-year NIMH-funded study on CPS at the Virginia Tech Child Study Center is now complete, and numerous papers describing the findings have been submitted for publication (several are already in press)...details in the Research section. Additional research projects examining the effectiveness of the CPS model are ongoing in various settings, including outpatient studies in Sydney, Australia (in collaboration with University of Technology) and Gothenburg, Sweden (in collaboration with Gothenburg University); a school study in the Aalborg (Denmark) schools (in collaboration with University College Jutland); a community/school study in the Trillium Lakelands (Ontario, Canada) District School Board (in collaboration with Ryerson University in Toronto); and a study in the juvenile detention system in the state of Maine. Additional studies (for example, in the alternative placement programs in the New York City public schools) are set to begin.