If you need to contact Dr. Greene or anyone else at Lives in the Balance -- to get involved, to ask a question, to find out more about our mission, or to get some information about training options and workshops -- just complete and submit the form below. If you have a question about a specific child or about how to implement the CPS model in your home, school, or facility, submit your question on the form and Dr. Greene and his co-hosts will do their best to respond on one of our web-based radio programs. Or contact us directly by email:

Ross Greene, Founding Director
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Gale Kurtz, Executive Director (operations and donations)

Liz Rudman, Director of Conference Planning and Training (training and workshops)

Monique Lefebvre, Manager of Policy and Advocacy (for information about our advocacy efforts)

Kim Hopkins-Betts, Director of Outreach (for information about our outreach efforts, including our Facebook groups)

And here's our physical address, just in case you need it:

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