Plan B with Family

In this video, you’ll see Dr. Greene helping a mom, dad, and their son (Joshua, age 10) solve a problem collaboratively. This video was filmed at Dr. Greene’s advanced training in Portland, Maine, in summer, 2015; you’ll notice that the staff at the hotel where the training was being filmed had given Joshua chocolate chip cookies, strawberries, and Powerade (this isn’t standard protocol for doing Plan B!). You’ll see all three steps of Plan B (the Empathy step, the Define Adult Concerns step, and the Invitation step). This is the first time the family has done Plan B, so we’re watching to see whether (a) Joshua can identify and express his concerns in the Empathy step (and his parents can take those concerns into account); (b) Joshua can listen to his parents’ concerns (and whether his parents can express their concerns clearly); (c) Joshua and his parents can work toward a realistic and mutually satisfactory solution together; and (d) Joshua can move beyond his original solution. Note that Joshua begins coughing a lot during the session, possibly as a reaction to a new medication. You’ll notice Dr. Greene referring to information contained on the Drilling Cheat Sheet to help the parents know what strategies he’s using in gathering information from Joshua.

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