A Success Story

Hard to know where to start so I guess I'll tell you that we (my husband, myself, and my son) were part of Dr. Greene's studies about 12 years ago, and now our son is a college student and a mechanic in the U.S. Army Reserve. It has been a long journey, but without the guidance of Dr. Greene and his staff, who knows where our son would be. We were desperate, as many of you are. The calls from the teacher, principals, suspensions, explosive incidents at home and at school, in public places, police being called, police showing up at MY school (I'm a teacher)...since he was old enough to make a sound. He is a superior IQ person, cute as a button, too...I was not going to give up. He was ours, he was mine...I had to do this. I actually fell to my knees when I got the call that we were accepted into the study. Dr. Greene's model has evolved through the years, tweaked here and there, but if you stick with it and work hard, really hard, then it works.

We are so, so very proud of our son. He is a caring, loving, strong man. Does he still have his "oppositional" moments?...oh, yes, especially when he sees things in black and white. He will have to continue dealing with that, compensate, and learn how to live with it. I use Plan B in my classroom constantly...sometimes successfully, sometimes not because parents have a hard time getting out of the "he's been "bad so he needs to be punished (Plan A) mentality. Don't give up, your child needs you.