Educators, Tell Your Story

If you're parenting, teaching, or working with a behaviorally challenging child, you have a story to tell. No matter how painful, difficult, or rewarding your journey has been, others who feel isolated and alone in their own journeys might feel better reading about it. Because it's no badge of honor to have a behaviorally challenging child in your household or classroom, life with such kids often takes place in the shadows, out of sight, outside of the awareness of most people. So we're not just looking for success stories...we're looking to capture what life is really like for challenging kids and the people trying hard to help them. Much as we'd like to, we can't post all of them, and we edit out all profanity or disparaging remarks about specific people or facilities. Also, as new posts are added, some of the older ones disappear, so you'll want to check back often.

But if you want to tell your story, CLICK HERE. And thanks for sharing.